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Great posts all about Tom’s presentation on Monday. What I think One Week/One Tool demonstrates is the positive benefit of using digital technologies to help us break free of the intellectual, organizational and psychological constraints posed by traditional academic thinking and work processes in order to imagine new ways to achieve academic/intellectual ends, whatever those may be. It’s less about figuring out if One Week/One Tool is the right approach for us to use in the Digital Praxis class moving forward and more about embracing that kind of unconventional thinking that Tom exemplifies about our conceptualization and production processes in the academy. How we get to that point (i.e. the exact procedures we decide to use) is less significant than our willingness to embrace new possibilities and new methodologies.

The Reverse Midterm


Source: “Reverse If,” cc-licensed flickr photo by Sharon Hinchliffe

Given our discussion of DH pedagogy last class, I wanted to share with you a post published today by our colleague Joe Ugoretz, Associate Dean
of Teaching, Learning, and Technology at Macaulay Honors College. In “Reverse Midterm,” Joe describes a recent experiment in the classroom with his students:

I started the class by telling them that I realized that we did not have a midterm scheduled, but we still had to have one, so today was the midterm. [. . . .] but it would be my midterm. They write the questions, I have to answer. I told them they could grade me, too. (this led to some moments of real joy).

Head on over and read the whole post (published, I will note, on the CUNY Academic Commons).

Is this DH pedagogy? Digital pedagogy? Paper-and-pencil pedagogy? I’d posit that such labels matter less than the fact that it is inventive and thought-provoking pedagogy, which is what good teaching should be most concerned with.

Recent DH Debates

Hi All —

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