Archived Lectures

9/23/13 Lev Manovich (CUNY Graduate Center) on Data Visualization


9/30/13 David Mimno (Cornell University) on Topic Modeling
Recording not available.


10/15/13 Matthew Kirschenbaum (University of Maryland) on “Track Changes: The Literary History of Word Processing.”


10/21/13 William Turkel (Western University Ontario) on humanistic fabrication and physical computing

Two-Minute Preview:

Full Video:


11/4/13 Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Modern Language Association) on scholarly communication


11/11/13 Ray Siemens on the Digital Social Edition

11/18/13 Katina Rogers (Modern Language Association) on Alt-Academic Careers


11/25/13 Tom Scheinfeldt (University of Connecticut) on managing DH projects

12/2/13 Steve Romalewski (CUNY Graduate Center) on geospatial humanities
Recording not available.

12/9/13 Simone Browne (University of Texas at Austin) on race, surveillance, and technology

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