Announcing the launch of Beyond Citation

The Beyond Citation project team is thrilled to announce the public launch of our website at Even though scholars use academic databases every day, it is difficult to find information about how the databases work and what is in them. Beyond Citation gathers information about academic databases in one place to enable traditional humanities scholars and digital humanists to get a better sense of the content and searching mechanisms in databases. The goal of Beyond Citation is to make academic databases more transparent to users and to encourage critical thinking about academic databases.

The audience for the site is scholars, librarians, research enthusiasts or anyone who:

  • Uses academic databases and wants to learn more about what is in them
  • Is frustrated with academic databases and wants tips about how to more effectively search them
  • Wants to share their knowledge or experiences of academic databases with others

We invite you to participate in Beyond Citation by:

  • Starting or adding to a thread in the Community Forum.
  • Proposing an article or blog post that they would like to write
  • Offering to write an entire entry for a new database
Please visit Follow us on Twitter @beyondcitation