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Programming in the 19th century

As I was searching more info in of typewriter history I found this fun fact: Today is the day of Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852) , this british woman is considered as the first programmer, for her work in  creating an algorithm designated for being processed by a machine.  As part of this celebration Brown’s University organized the second edition of the Edit-a-ton, in which women are invited to create or edit articles in Wikipedia about other women whom contributed to Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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Dialogues on Feminism and Technology

The experimental online class Dialogues on Feminism and Technology led by Anne Balsamo and Alexandra Juhasz has begun posting weekly video conversations. Sixteen colleges are participating, including CUNY’s Graduate Center and Macaulay Honors College, as well as thousands of learners outside of formal educational settings. The class is intended to be a model for open access pedagogy in a collaborative environment, in contrast to MOOC-style learning. For those without institutional logins, there are suggested readings to accompany the class.

As an example of the ideas about women and technology in popular culture that they are seeking to counter, class organizers point to a June 2012, New York Times article about Silicon Valley which opened with “Men invented the Internet.” Partly to address that type of thinking, students will participate in Storming Wikipedia, an exercise in writing and editing to include women and feminist scholarship in Wikipedia. HASTAC has a wiki page about the Wikistorming that took place earlier this year.