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DH Definition

Start of class:

How new developments in technology and connectivity influence the study of humanities and conversely, how the humanities can influence the direction and development of technology.

I tend to want to stay with my original answer.  I still have contention with attempting to define a field of study with what it does rather than what it is.  The terms digital and humanities are both extremely broad terms so to define them requires a broad definition.

That being said, the difficulty within the digital humanities is how to pinpoint just what the definition includes.  For example, humanities is defined broadly as “the condition or quality of being human.”  Academically, we try to study this from different disciplines with different techniques making defining “who’s in and who’s out” difficult.  I feel the same problem arises within digital humanities.

However, just because I feel the definition must be broad and vague, I don’t feel it needs to be restricting.  I think the debate is important in shaping the field and what it includes.  I think it should be inclusive just as the humanities is.  It is purposely broad and vague to encompass a lot of exciting possibilities.