DH Thesis

This is a message from my friend Anderson who was handing out a paper about his thesis during our last class:

Well this is embarrassing…

Everyone who attempted to access my app, I really appreciate it, but Amy Wolfe was kind enough to let me know that I had incorrectly transcribed the URL.

The correct URL for the site is: https://boiling-wildwood-9939.herokuapp.com/ or http://boiling-wildwood-9939.heroku.com

I hope you all will check it out.

Thanks again, Anderson Evans e-mail: jevans@gc.cuny.edu twitter: @Anderson_Evans

The Gentle Introduction Resource


The G.I.R. is a Rails based web app that hopes to collect a specific collection of crowdsourced academic resources. This app is maintained by Anderson Evans as the core of his thesis for the MALS degree in Digital Humanities at CUNY Graduate Center.