Defining DH

1. I began the class having defined Digital Humanities asĀ an experimental interdisciplinary field, that not only has a history and study all its own that is based on the emergence of new media and how its been incorporated in humanities, but also is a collection of tools that can be used to contribute to teaching and learning.

2. After our discussion, I am leaning towards defining DH as an ever changing interdisciplinary field that involves the use of new media devices to teach, learn, and share humanities discourse. It looks to give traditional humanities new meaning with the use of various technologies, collaboration with others, and connectedness that the digital age has afforded us.

3. Our class discussion made me interested in refining my definition further to explain that DH is a tool for the humanities. Although it’s it’s own field, it is one that is actively affecting traditional humanities work and research by providing new ways to improve this work. Looking at the “Eversion” piece and having discussed it allowed me to think about humanities in this aspect as well; how over time with the perverse nature of digital technologies in our society, it makes sense that it would penetrate academic work and become a solid foundation for work over time. However the points brought up in class, that with the ever changing nature of technology in general (new tools, software, and hardware) we may always have a way to look at DH as a field to understand how these tools benefit humanities discourse.