Draft proposal to document guest lectures

Based on the consensus reached in class, I have drafted a proposal to document guest lectures. I am willing to coordinate planning and initial scheduling. I will post a draft of a more detailed plan with a breakdown of tasks in the Docs area of the Commons group. Please add your suggestions.

Perhaps we should have a name for this team/project/set of tasks. What do people suggest?

Important: Please also look at the roles to see where you might be interested in contributing or suggest other roles. Send a Commons message to me with your contact information if you would like to participate. If you have technical skills, include a brief description of them.

Planning should start immediately in consultation with the instructors, Videography Fellows and class members.

Goal: To document guest lectures of the Digital Praxis Seminar in Fall 2013 on high quality video and audio. The Graduate Center Videography Fellows will record several lectures and post them on the Internet. The lectures that won’t be recorded by the Videography Fellows will be recorded by class members and, when possible, posted online.

(I would suggest that audio be recorded separately from video. The audio files are much easier to handle and could be posted immediately.)


Guest lectures recorded on high quality audio and video

Secure storage of media files with metadata according to best practices

Audio of guest lectures posted online

Outreach to scholars and the public

If the resources are available:

Video of guest lectures posted on the Internet


Planning – instructors, Videography Fellows and class members

Coordinating and initial scheduling – Eileen

Scheduling (ongoing)

Production crew

  • Equipment wranglers
  • Shooters

Post production crew

  • Posting audio online
  • Inputting metadata of audio and video
  • Editing
  • Posting video

Outreach:  Can be led by several people but everyone can participate.

5 thoughts on “Draft proposal to document guest lectures

  1. Steve Brier

    Agreed. I hope other students in the class take Eileen up on her generous offer to coordinate this and work with her to fill in the very real gaps that will inevitably occur because of our limited access to the Videography fellows to video the guest presentations.

  2. Joseph Prestamo

    I have lots of experience recording and editing both video and audio, and I’d be happy to provide support. I do not yet know how much of a commitment I can make; producing high quality videos tends to be very time-intensive endeavor, and we all need to be wise when taking on out-of-class work. That being said, I’m happy to help!


  3. Matthew Tesoro

    It took a while for my Academic Commons account to be accessible consistently. With that said, I also have experience in editing video and audio sources (slightly less knowledge of recording sound). However, as a Film Studies student I do have a thorough knowledge of the aesthetic proficiency I assume would be esteemed to capture our guest lectures. In anyway I can help I would like to provide assistance.

    Tesoro, M

  4. Katie Cettie

    Hi Eileen,

    Thanks for putting this together! I’d love to help out however I can. I do not have access to high quality film and audio equipment but do have experience operating and editing. Would be happy to help out with coordination too!


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