Beyond Citation Lab Journal

Beyond Citation is a website that makes essential bibliographic information about the structures and content of academic databases accessible to scholars, and will take an important step to updating the scholarly apparatus to encourage critical thinking about databases and their impact on research and scholarship. The site will launch by Spring, 2014.

For this matter, in the past week the members of Beyond Citation stared to develop individual and collective tasks for fulfilling the projects goals:

1. Project Charter

Beyond Citation’s Project Charter is being developed by our Project Manager: Rebecca. The charter outlines the project and goals, the skills the team hopes to develop through the process of building the site, how we want to make decisions and resolve conflicts within the group, and expectations related to communication, and flexibility of schedules.

2. Project Plan

We started a project plan which identifies user stories to help rank and prioritize tasks using the Scrum method.

3. Wireframe and Logo

A first potential wireframe for the website and a review of the grid system and the CSS float command has been presented by Genevieve. On Thursday’s class Genevieve and David will present potential logos for Beyond Citation.

4. Platform

After considering the strengths and possibilities of different platforms, Marisa [Tech] has established Scalar and WordPress as top contenders for the project platform.

5. Choice of Academic Databases

For the initial website launch, Rebecca and Eileen settled on about dozen academic databases. The group is reviewing the possible academic databases and we might post the list on the blog to try to solicit comments on our choices.

6. Sharing research

Eileen shared some Zotero files with the team so that every member would have a better sense of the editorial content that will be posted on the website. The files contain raw material that will be organized and written to fit into the fields describing the academic databases.


David has created twitter and e-mail accounts for Beyond Citation. A potential outreach strategy will be discussed with the group in Thursday’s meeting.
The group has established a policy of having an editorial committee that will review the information before it is presented to the public.