What’s next?

Hearing the different doubts of fellow classmates gave me some kind of relief in my own uncertainties around the DH seminar, as seeing that many of us are slightly sure of the future of the DH seminar in the upcoming spring semester. Even though, I’m still concern of the main objective of the class, I understand the broad possibilities of DH pedagogy and I agree with many others that every class is worthy and no time has been spent without knowledge; however I wonder if just two semesters are good enough to have a deeper understating of what DH’s are and how can we approach them.

These new concepts and ideas, that are so intriguing and extensive, gave me the impression that the time of the seminar isn’t enough to have a deeper knowledge of them because of how briefly discussed they where.   I’m still delighted with the idea of exploring more of these DH fields rather than expending a full semester focusing in a specific DH skill or technology.  Could more workshops be an alternative, taking into account schedules restrictions?